15 Ways To Boost Your Vehicle

1. Getting new leather upholstery

Nowadays, leather upholstery is not only located on the most costly luxury cars. Additionally to creating any vehicle interior instantly feel and look more luxurious, leather seats don’t smell moldy or put on view typical fabric seats do. This is because leather becoming an organic product could be conditioned and nourished to its original condition even years after they have been installed. Unlike vinyl or PVC upholstery, leather seats never get as hot whenever you walk into a vehicle which has been parked under the sun.

2. Adding a window tint

As Singapore lies inside the tropics and merely a couple of kilometres from the equator, the sun’s rays and it is harmful ultra purple sun rays beats lower upon us every single day of the season. One extremely effective method of easing the burden in your car’s ac as well as safeguard the upholstery, which could get bleached out by constant sun exposure, would be to use a window tinting film film. Brands like V-Kool and Huper Optik would be the most established brands.

3. Taking a vehicle grooming package

Vehicle-grooming professionals go ahead and take discomfort from washing, waxing and sharpening the outside and interior of the vehicle. It offers a superior additional time to savor your weekends rather than getting soapy hands and tired arms. You will find normally a variety of grooming packages available and costs may vary from around $30 towards the 1000’s. A few of the popular automotive grooming companies in Singapore are Autoglym, Amazing Glaze and Glare.

4. Customize the suspension

Does your vehicle seem like it’s ‘floating’ at expressway speeds or when cornering on undulating streets? Odds are, the shocks are worn-out and have to be changed. Should you drive a well known model, there might be many brands that provide suspension systems which are appropriate for the vehicle. Not simply will your vehicle ride more easily, the greater handling reactions also imply that your vehicle have the ability to react faster if the emergency arises. Some motorists should you prefer a decreased, sportier stance for his or her vehicle. To get this done, always switch the existing springs with lower and stiffer products. NEVER, Have your overall springs cut to some shorter length as the vehicle will ‘bottom out’ easily over speed bumps or road problems and may cause permanent damage. Although some motorists declare that a lesser, stiffer suspension improves a car’s handling, a less comfortable ride is nearly always a resultant side-effect. Make sure however, to check on using the workshop the suspension upgrade is within compliance using the LTA’s recommendations.

5. Upgrading the seem system

Music playback or news reviews could be more clearly heard simply by upgrading your loudspeakers because these take advantage apparent impact on any seem system.

In case your car’s loudspeakers tend to be more than 4 years old or if they’re uncovered to heat for prolonged periods, the paper cones present in most loudspeakers may become brittle and never flex sufficiently during dynamic playback. A far more effective amplifier may also enhance the very best out of your loudspeakers with regards to creating bass notes you are able to feel in addition to hear.

6. Obtaining a new exhaust

You will get more horsepower from your vehicle from installing aftermarket high-performance exhaust system. Because of the enhanced flow from the exhaust gases, your vehicle will operate more proficiently. However, expect a even louder exhaust note and because there are some rules about aftermarket exhaust system in Singapore first seek advice from the installer when the item is LTA (Land Transport Authority) approved before purchasing.

7. Obtaining a new steering, gearlever and pedals

The controls, gearlever and pedals are areas of a vehicle that certain really touch, and also to further boost the tactile experience with driving, it’s possible to possess the steering and gearlever covered with leather, and drilled aluminium pedals for much better grip. For any really sporty feel, an italian man , company Momo, which gives Ferrari with steering wheels and equipment knobs, provides an excellent range as aftermarket equipment.

8. Fitting an ac filter

Although some vehicle producers have installed high-qualilty hvac filters to soak up odours and contaminants within their new models, individuals with older cars remain breathing fumes and exhausts using their company road customers. Well, this no more necessary the situation as Cairefresh is promoting an aftermarket air conditioning filter for airconditioners. That contains an electrostatically-billed polypropylene fibre, the hepa filter prevents fungi and mildew growth as neutralising exhaust odours. This really is offered by most auto accessory outlets.

9. Fitting a DVD player

“Shall we be there yet?” is one thing you may never have to hear again when using the family for any lengthy drive. In-vehicle entertainment systems able to play DVDs nowadays are very sophisticated with features like Dolby Digital or DTS surround seem abilities. On top of that, the present multi-speaker system-in most cars is generally sufficient for surround seem. Take mtss is a step further with the addition of a subwoofer speaker and also the improvement towards the seem quality of the movies could be remarkably dramatic.The traditional mind unit that plays CDs or cassettes and radio broadcasts within the vehicle could be swapped for just one that plays DVDs without compromising another functions we have come to anticipate from a vehicle hi-fi. Many of these gamers also have a 7-inch screen that electronically folds taken care of keep.

For rear travellers however, a bigger, ceiling-mounted extra screen or perhaps individual screens for individuals sitting down behind, is important for viewing movies without craning their necks towards the front.

10. High end tyres

For immediate performance enhancement, the simplest factor to replace on your vehicle are possibly the tyres. With respect to the existing rubber in your vehicle, fitting ultra high-performance tyres like the Bridgestone S0-3, Continental CSC 2 or Pirelli P-Zero should enhance the car’s handling noticeably. The downsides from all of these tyres are often firmer and noisier ride.

11. Fitting cheaper tyres

If you’re really keen for the greatest mileage out of your tank of gas, additionally to being light footie around the accelerator, another effective fuel saving system is to set up low-moving resistance tyres. The brands like Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama have eco-tyres which have firmer sidewalls so they roll with less resistance, and therefore eat fewer fuel.

12. Installing a navigation system

If you’re constantly thumbing using your street directory due to a poor feeling of direction, what could be helpful is installing a Gps navigation and CD-Rom based navigation system. On the top of exhibiting a roadmap, most models may even give voice instructions to get at the destination, permitting someone to fully focus on the driving. On the top of the, most sets have flat LCD screens, exhibiting a roadmap from the neighborhood, that suit right into a regular Noise-sized radio compartment.

13. Purchasing a brand new group of wheels

Altering to a different group of wheels not just improves the way your vehicle looks, but this may also enhance performance. Bigger diameter rims certainly help make your vehicle look sportier and lighter wheels improve your car’s handling and acceleration, while wider ones allow wider tyres for much better high-speed stability if you’re a sporty driver.

14. Getting white-colored light lights

The headlamps of numerous new cars today sport a whiter and apparently better spread of sunshine because of the utilization of Intense Discharge (HID) technology. In case your vehicle is not homologated with your headlamps which are classified as ‘Xenon’ headlamps, it might be illegal to alter towards the latter. The following best factor however, would be to switch the existing halogen lamps with individuals that emit a ‘whiter’ light. Make certain however, the wattage is identical

15. Re-painting it

For those who have attempted sharpening and waxing, however your vehicle still appears like a scrap metal on four wheels, maybe you’re ready to repaint it. Re-squirting not just revitalizes the color of the vehicle (you could choose a different colour), however the new coat of gloss also provides it with a shiny finish, which makes it seem like it simply got from the showroom.


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