2017 Cadillac XT5


The very first-ever  makes its way into the most powerful category within the luxury automotive space, the midsize luxury crossover segment, where Cadillac set sales records in 2015.

XT5 may be the first in a number of approaching luxury crossovers transporting the “XT” designation, a vital part of the brand’s product-driven global growth plan.

The brand new luxury crossover joins Cadillac’s selection rigtht after the brand new range-topping CT6 Sedan, because the brand makes its way into a brand new phase of product growth.

The XT5 may be the next chapter in elevating the Cadillac brand: it’s bold, distinctive and complicated with enhanced driving dynamics.

Cadillac XT5 offers seven exterior colors and 7 distinct interior conditions, along with a wide range of luxury amenities and-technology

Within the U.S. and Canadian market, it will likely be operated by the brand new 3.6-litre V6 engine with 310 hp and 270 lb/foot of torque, the brand new V6 uses variable valve timing for strong response and smooth power delivery, maintaining optimum efficiency no matter power demand.

This engine continues to be completely remodeled featuring Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation technology, which enables the engine to effortlessly and instantly change to an energy-saving four-cylinder mode under low or moderate loads.

A brand new eight-speed automatic transmission is standard for that XT5, that also debuts Electronic Precision Shift – the very first digitally controlled transmission shifter application inside a Cadillac.

The XT5 also features Stop/Start technology, which instantly stops and starts the engine once the vehicle reaches relaxation in traffic stops, saving fuel and reducing pollutants, while adding towards the peaceful character and tranquil cabin atmosphere expected of the Cadillac.

An optional new advanced “twin clutch” all-wheel drive system continuously and instantly provides excellent traction across a number of conditions.

Because of the dual clutch design, the AWD system is capable of doing moving as much as 100 percent of accessible torque either to the leading or rear axle.


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