Audi A9 concept

This rather slinky searching factor may be the Audi Prologue. It throws the brand’s rigid naming structure towards the wind because it’s presently an idea vehicle.

But imagine it with A9 badges and slightly well developed lower chintz and also you most likely will not be remote the next production model. A sizable one that’s full of luxury to top the entire Audi range and rival the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, at this.

Formally a design – it makes way for the way all large Audis will appear – it’s referred to as ‘the sportiest vehicle within the luxury segment’. To hammer home the purpose, a 597bhp 4-litre gas V8 feeds its Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

That’s Ferrari 458 Speciale energy, also it endows the five.1-metre, 1980kg Prologue having a 3.7sec -62mph time. The relevance of this inside a concept vehicle is minimal, but we love to the very fact there’s an electric train engine inside whatsoever. You will find even stated economy figures: 199g/km and 32.8mpg. Such meticulous planning indicates a production version is really a certainty, we’d say. In addition to a large old grapple with the S63 AMG.

Further agility develops from a four-wheel steering system. The hallmark of complex the nineteen nineties Japanese coupes is all of a sudden fashionable, with among the finest sports cars on purchase, the 911 GT3 getting it. The Prologue’s rear wheels can change by as much as five levels, which could helps low-speed manoeuvrability and-speed stability.

As being a design, there’s clearly plenty to discuss visually too. You may make your personal mind on the prosperity of its design, but there’s a mixture of new and old which will please most audiences.

The ‘old’ is available in the form of the side profile that A5 proprietors will know about and wheel arch sculptures that provide a jerk to Audi’s rallying past.

‘New’ means a less upright grille design, giving the vehicle wide presence (along with a more intimidating try looking in your rear-view mirror, we’d wager), in addition to intricate 22-inch alloys along with a taillight design not different towards the old Saab 9-5. Interesting.

Overall, though, it’s a far more pert searching factor than an A7 or A8. It showcases more tech than them, too the dashboard takes the TT’s virtual cockpit to another level, with three screens in a position to display more details than you’re ever prone to need in greatly adjustable ways. It ought to be a benefit once autonomous driving arrives and also you need something to fiddle with, a minimum of.

You will find lots of inspired touches: the vehicle recognises motorists and people by their wise phones, and changes the seats towards the positions that they like. The trunk headrests rise when people climb in and retract when no one’s within the back.

The motive force and front passenger can ‘digitally interact’, too, the second delivering information towards the former via swiping motions. Useful should you not like speaking to one another. The co-pilot needs to be more happy compared to a TT, though they obtain own display to scroll through music with, which makes it a a smaller amount selfish experience for that driver.

More about Audi A9:


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