Bentley Mulsanne as wedding car


Engines, performance and drive

With this type of large vehicle the Bentley Mulsanne is simply astounding. The 6.75-litre twin turbo V8 produces 505bhp and produces 1,020Nm of torque, so there’s always plenty in reserve. The 2-and-a-half-tonne saloon can accelerate from -60mph in five.1 seconds and onto a greater speed of 184mph – yet it’s not merely about straight-line speed. The Mulsanne also copes with corners remarkably well, with precise steering and impressive agility. Number of cars so easily mix extreme comfort with driving enjoyment.

Interior, technology and elegance

If you wish to create a statement, couple of things around do something while using the style and panache in the large Bentley. The firm’s winged emblem is most likely the recommended badges on the planet along with the gigantic proportions and enormous grille within the Mulsanne convert it into a unshakable. Number of cars have just as much road presence because this striking saloon along with the atmosphere inside is also impressive. Fantastically crafted wood, leather and alloy trim gives this vehicle a distinctive feel inside and clients can individually tailor the cabin for taste.

The Bentley Mulsanne could be a limousine that loves to be driven, so whether you’re while using key or possibly the rear you’ll have adequate space. The 443-litre boot will easily swallow a couple of golf bags, have a very possess a have a picnic hampers or personalized luggage sets, too, this really is no automobile for activities for that DIY shop its sumptuously trimmed cabin puts the emphasis firmly on relaxation. Handy touches include keyless entry, soft-close entrance doorways plus a powered bootlid, while parking sensors be standard – essential in the automobile calculating greater than five-and-a-half-metres extended.


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